Merit Fitness 735T Treadmill

The Merit 735T treadmill is an upgrade from Merits previous models. It offers more room for you to run on, a motor that has a lifetime guarantee (not even the 725T has this!), and an extra durable frame.  But is the lifetime guarantee the only reason to go for the 735T?




  • 6 program choices: Manual, rolling hills, weight loss, fat blast, cardio burn, endurance challenge
  • 1.75 CHP (2.75 THP) drive motor; 0.5-10 mph speed range (0.1 increments); 0-10% elevation range
  • 18 × 52″ running area with AEROsoft cushioning; Treadmill folds up easily for storage.
  • 4 red LED windows with LED brickyard display; water bottle holder in console; cooling fan; contact heart rate monitor
  • Warranties: Lifetime frame and motor, 90-days parts and labor. User capacity 275 lbs.

I ordered my treadmill from Amazon and got it pretty promptly, although I had to take an afternoon off waiting for delivery. It is heavy. Actually it is really heavy! Ask the delivery guys (nicely) if they will bring it into the room you want to use it in. If that is up or down some stairs ask real nice! This is a pretty big home treadmill, so if you can, measure up your room and doorways first to make sure you have enough room for it and to see if you will be able to move it once it is put together. The treadmill is 73 x 33 x 50 inches and weight a hefty 152 pounds. In most cases, once made this treadmill is not going to fit through any doorways. It should take no longer than an hour for 1 person to put together, but it will be easier if you have an “assistant” (child, partner, room mate, whoever you can recruit!) to help you construct it.


The Merit 735T treadmill is a folding treadmill which is a great space saver when it is not being used. Fold it up, have the whole thing against a wall and your room is not going to be totally crowded. It folds up and down smoothly and quickly. It has 6 pre programmed workouts so you can just get going instantly, although it is best to read the manual and understand the safety features before going. It feels solid beneath your feet and absorbs quite a lot of the force from your steps, making it easy on your joints. It is noisy though – the motor, your footsteps, the constant beeping..  The best thing to do whilst on this treadmill, is to stick in some earphones and listen to some LOUD music/tv.


Some of it’s best features are it’s instant incline/decline buttons, and the heart monitoring. The ability to change the incline as you are running means you can really mix up your workout as you are going and push yourself further. Monitoring your heart rate is important so that you don’t over do it, and you don’t “under do it”. You want to find out where your heart rate should be for program for you to best burn your body fat or for you to get fitter – depending on what you want to do. For me I try and keep my heart rate around 160.


Apart from the noise, a couple of little niggles are that you need to bend down (avoiding hitting your head) to use the on / off switch. It is not the only model like this, but I do not understand the purpose of it. Also it comes with a fan that doesn’t aim the cool air at you, thus making it pointless.



Well all in all, the merit fitness 735T is a very good treadmill. Sturdy, easy on the legs, fairly powerful etc. The life time guarantee on the motor is a great plus too. It has it’s faults and it doesn’t come with any brilliant software… and the screen it pretty small, but if you are after a good home treadmill just to go running on to get fit, this is a well priced treadmill that will do the job.


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