We love treadmills. We will review all new treadmills and find the best prices for them across the web.

We try to give a fair review based upon ease of use, how hard it is to put together, storage room, features, specifications, durability and anything else that might be relevant to the model we are looking at.

We honestly believe that treadmills are one of the most fun and practical ways of getting fit. They are the perfect way of training for a run when it is not always practical to go outside or to the gym. Best Treadmills looks at treadmills for any type of budget and rates them accordingly. We believe you should get the best value for money you possibly can.

There are many kind of treadmills but we try to sift through the junk to bring you reviews of the best treadmills. We then categorise them into budgets, features, models, etc. Then we give them a star rating out of 5 depending on how well we think that they have performed. All the treadmills that we review are available in mainland america (USA), but most are available world wide. We also find the best price we can and give you a link to it incase you are interested in buying the best treadmill or want to buy accessories.

If you have never used a treadmill before we would advise you to start slowly, possibly walking, and adjust it daily until you get into a routine that suits your fitness. Make sure you become well acquainted with the instructions manual and know exactly what you are doing and what the control panel does. Please learn all the safety features and do not ignore them at any time. Make sure to learn where the safety switches are.