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NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has attained an excellent reputation in the market. It is durable, powerful, fun to use with its iFit Coach, and of course, affordable.
8.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Best Choice

The newly updated model of 2021 contains some amazing features that are going to boost your running experience. Now, it contains an improved 10” HD display that gives the best graphics, 5 GHz wifi connectivity, faster dual 2.4 GHz, and its ability to connect with the Bluetooth headphones. A novel incline drive attribute ensures noise-free operation.

Along with it, automatic incline and speed control while performing workouts are also improved in this version. The good thing is, you will still receive the iFit membership of one year with the purchase of a 1750 treadmill. However, the new model contains a family of memberships instead of the standard one. 

Intimate features include the built-in workout programs, quiet 3.75 CHP motor that can easily bear fast runners, an already mentioned 10-inch HD touch screen, and power decline and incline.

 While using the iFit coach, the decline/incline works in synchronizing with the dips and elevation of the terrain you selected to explore through the iFit’s Google maps characteristics. Isn’t it great that you can experience the lands of Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia, and Antarctica? Furthermore, you will receive infinite workout suggestions from the iFit coach.

If we say this treadmill is space-saving, it is not wrong because you can easily fold this full-sized treadmill in almost ten seconds using patented EasyLift Assist. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill is a perfect companion for in-home exercise.  

This treadmill is appropriate for you if:

  • Search for a quiet operating treadmill that supports speeds up to almost 12 mph, interval training, and long-distance running.  
  • Expect to decline as well as incline. 
  • Are looking for additional benefits like membership of iFit with unlimited membership programs. 
  •  You want to protect your joints by taking advantage of cushioning and removing them to get the feel of outdoor running.

Treadmill key specification

Specification for NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Review

Motor3.75 HP
Incline-3 to 15%
Top Speed12 MPH
Running Area22″ x 60″
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Built-In ProgramsTBD
Dimensions81.25″ L x 39.25″ W x 71″ H

What we like

Reasons To Buy

  • Touch Screen Control Panel:

Nowadays, a touch screen control panel is something mandatory to have in treadmills. With this treadmill, you will enjoy the 10-inch touch screen that delivers high-quality graphics and enable the user to flip between the workout programs, check calorie and mileage numbers, and take guidance from the iFit coach simultaneously. You will have a real feel of running through a variety of lands around the world through Google street views and enjoying the HD video feature. 

  • Workout programs: 

Another amazing feature that most people love about this treadmill is the 150 different workout programs designed by the best personal trainers in the market. It means now you can simply save your money by not having additional training sessions. You can select the workout that suit your mood; it will amaze you and help you navigate between points A and B. Different workout options are available from which you can select one like calorie burn program, speed training sessions, heart rate control, and interval training workouts. 

  • Tablet Holder:

Its built-in tablet holder can hold your tablet, magazine, book so that you can entertain yourself while working out. In the updated version, the tablet holder is designed never to block your view of the machine screen.  

  • Motor:

If you love quiet operating machines, then this one is the right for you. It provides a 3.75 CHP motor and a speed of almost 12 mph. Due to this feature, you can enjoy long-distance running as well as steady and smooth interval training. 

  • iFit coach data tracking:

This machine enables the user to keep an eye on every fitness stat of every session. When your workout is complete, the data is inserted in the treadmill that can be paired with any other device on iFit. Make your workout, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations easy with this treadmill.

  • Decline and incline abilities: 

If you want to have the best workout experience, then always try to go with the treadmill that can serve you with incline and decline features. With 1750 you will get a 15% incline and a 3% decline. You can use these features to get the total count of calorie burn, resting metabolic rate, muscle strength, and cardiovascular conditioning level. Those who are likely to get injured will find out that going on an incline is comparatively easier than running is for everyday use. 

  • iFit Coach Treadmill workouts:

As we have mentioned before, this treadmill contains a decline/incline that synchronizes with the land’s dips and elevations you choose to check through the iFit Google Maps Feature. In other words, it gives a feel to every user that you are running outside on the terrain. It is highly beneficial for those who love to explore new locations to keep themselves motivated. 

  • Weight Capacity:

This heavy-duty treadmill can support the user having weight up to almost 300 pounds.

  • Cushioning Preferences:

With this treadmill, you can enjoy the feature of on and off cushioning according to your own comfort level. It helps in keeping your joints protected. One important thing is that by using this cushioning, you will have an additional 30% impact on your joints, so it is better not to use them for a longer time. However, they are going to make things easy for you.

What we don’t like

Reasons To Avoid

  • Assembly:

Some people find it complicated to put it all together. You might need to pay money to professionals for its assembly.

  • Short warranty:

Having 2 years of warranty on electronics and parts, the warranty of 1750 treadmill is shorter than most of its components. 

Check some total thoughts

Pros and Cons Values

  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Workout programs
  • Tablet Holder
  • Motor
  • iFit coach data tracking
  • Decline and incline abilities
  • iFit Coach Treadmill workouts
  • Weight Capacity
  • Cushioning Preferences
  • Assembly
  • Short warranty

And for the end

Our Verdict

NordicTrack has received a positive response for the upgrade they made in the commercial 1750 treadmill with iFit. You will get many new amazing features that will keep you super motivated while focusing on your workout. This treadmill is the cheapest option you can have in NordicTrack’s commercial series. Either you are a power walker, or a runner 1750 treadmill is going to serve you well. For the best alternative with a wider touch screen, we recommend the novel NordicTrack Commercial 2450.     

NordicTrack 1750 FAQS

Customer Questions & Answers

What is the weight limit?

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 states it is weighed for someone up to 300lbs however, within days of using our brand new one, the running board split. It happened four more times following the replacement parts the company sent us. The technician NordicTrack sent us recommended this machine only if you weigh 190 or under. If you are 200+, do not buy this machine if you are planning on running it. This is an engineering defect. NordicTrack wanted to charge us $500 of the restocking fee, and it took weeks of negotiation before they agreed this was their issue. Two months later, we finally had a refund. For anyone below 200lbs, the treadmill and its features look awesome.

Does it have wifi, watch tv, and blue tooth capability?

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill connects to wifi in order to use the interactive iFit workouts. It comes with Bluetooth audio capabilities to listen to music. It can connect to your TV with an HDMI cord if you would like to view your workout on your TV screen instead of the 14-inch touch screen on the console.

Can the screen be used for anything other than Ifit?

Yes, you absolutely can. It’s a tablet running on Android.

Can I pause the workout indefinitely without the treadmill resetting distance info after a set amount of time?

The treadmill will give you a 10-minute pause option. If you need more, unpause it and start it again.

I’m 6.3 250lbs. Can I use this treadmill?

Definitely, my spouse is 245, and he uses it 3 times a week. The extra bar adds a lot more structure support. Based on our research before purchase, it is designed for high impact. We love it!

When the iFit subscription expires, can you still use the tablet to control settings (not just physical buttons), or does it become useless &ask to login?

Yes, take a look at some of the newer video reviews of it; there are many ~50 of the iFit workout videos that you can use for free.

Can I connect the Ifit App on my iPad with the treadmill via Bluetooth? If so, can IFit running on the iPad control the treadmill’s speed and incline?

No, the control from the App is only for devices without a smart tablet-type interface. You can find workouts on the App and schedule them so that they are easily set to go when you hop on.
If you are asking because you’d like to display on larger iPad or use iPad also to cast to a large TV…. you can get iPad ready to do workout on App (connected to TV) and then also get workout ready to go on treadmill screen… then just hit start… and end warmup at the same time! Turn off the trainer’s voice on one of the devices otherwise, you will hear an echo/delay most likely. I do this often to get a 65″ of the scenery… but also want treadmill to change incline in auto. The app casting glitches a bit at the start but usually gets better, also not the best resolution, but not sure if that is a function of the phone or my TV.

Do all the workouts included a personal trainer? Looking for just the scenery, similar to runsocial?

The ones without a trainer tend to be like stop motion google street view.

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