Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black)

If you are hunting for a fancy treadmill, then this one is not appropriate for you. However, if you want a cheap treadmill that is highly rated, good in quality, and functional, then you should consider it.
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We know that it is not easy to choose one treadmill online when thousands of options are available in front of you. These exercise machines are available at different prices (varying between $300 to $3000) and species, in which you may have to spend days to search out the one right for you. Don’t worry; we have got you covered by finding the best treadmill for you. This article will share complete detail about the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black).

Treadmill key specification

Specification for Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black)

Does it include an incline feature?

This treadmill contains a manual incline feature that you need to adjust before starting a workout. 

It is represented with the two rear stabilizers present at the bottom end of the tread belt at the side of the device. So, if you want an elevation, just pull the pin out of the stabilizer, get your desired position, and insert the pin back. This is super easy to perform; however, make sure you are doing it before starting the workout. It is not suitable for the incline HIIT incline, where you can effortlessly incline with just a touch of a button.  

Although three different incline levels are available, but they provide only slight increments. If you love steep inclines, then this might not be challenging for you. On the other hand, this is not a problem if incline features do not bother you much.

What is the height of the deck?

Step-up height on the deck highly depends on where you set the incline level. If left without an incline, the step-up is hardly 5.5 inches. We highly suggest our users use the machine where the ceiling space above has a clearance of 10 inches.

What is about its console? 

The Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black) a large LCD, which helps in easily viewing and reading digital figures. By taking advantage of this display, you can monitor pulse rate, distance traveled, and time-lapsed. 

All these settings are in English. The running distance is shown as the virtual running race track that is present on the left side of the screen. One lap relates to 1/4 mile, so ultimately, 4 laps relate to one mile.

 You will get 12 built-in fitness programs that are mostly interval-based. The speed varies in these presets after every 3 minutes automatically. You can also increase or decrease the running speed according to your running objectives. The manual options are available, which gives complete freedom of control. Furthermore, the space is available to put tablet or book, and other personal accessories while performing the workout. 

Material of deck and frame

This machine contains a robust frame that is made from steel tubing and is highly light in weight. The motor cover, side rails, and console dashboard are made up of strong ABS material. The durable construction makes it suitable for the person up to almost 250 lbs or 113.3 kgs. 

The steel parts contain corrosion-resistant finishing, which makes the machine highly attractive. This model is available only in black shade.  

Space Saving

Unlike many other treadmills available in the market, this machine does not fall in the large category. It is 63.4″ long and 28.752″ wide and takes a bit of space. 

Keeping the 2 feet space on either side of the machine is highly recommended, a minimum of 3 feet at the rear and at least 1 foot at the front to get a comfortable position while running on this machine. 

When you fold the Xterra treadmill, it becomes 29″ D x 28.75″ W, almost 1/3 of the space taken up when the machine is in use. 

Suitable for joint and bad knees

It contains a feature known as XtraSoft cushioning, which aids in comfort as well as in shock absorption. By utilizing this feature, you will have a smooth running experience. If you are a regular runner, you must have an idea that running at a pace can impact joints on the knees. This unit in the treadmill with three cushioning aspects can greatly reduce the shock on the joints up to almost 20%. 


The Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black) contains a 2.25 HP motor. Although it is not super fast, but it pretty well suits the price. This motor can easily bear running, fast-paced walking, jogging even at the top speed. The motor consumes very little electricity comparatively, making it highly suitable for those who don’t want to speed too much money. Furthermore, it will never create any irritating noise. 

Easy assembly

The treadmill arrives almost fully made up; you just need to add the side mats, wiring and connect the console. It just takes an hour to assemble this machine. All tools required for assembly are provided along, so you will not have to buy any additional tools.

Check some total thoughts

Pros and Cons Values

  • Accessory trays are available on the dashboard for user convenience.
  • XTRAsoft cushioning, which prevents all injuries.
  • The folding deck makes it suitable for tight spaces.
  • The tablet holder included keeping things at hand during a workout.
  • No BlueTooth feature is added, or you cannot connect to any other smartphone fitness apps.
  • No cooling fan or USB port is included.
  • You will not get any heart reading system like a chest strap reading transmitter.

And for the end

Our Verdict

If we say that the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black) is an affordable entry-level machine, then it is not wrong. It is highly suitable for jogging, running, and fast-paced walking. Other similar items in the market cannot beat the affordability of this treadmill. Of course, at this price, you cannot get everything. However, it still contains many amazing features that will boost your running experience, like a speed of 10 mph, which is enough for runners, a fitted motor having a motor capacity of 2.25 HP (not fastest for heavy-duty running), and much more. Utilize this machine and start your workout. 

Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black)

Customer Questions & Answers

How much assembly is required for this treadmill?

The assembly consists of 5 basic steps: 1. Remove all parts from carton. 2. Slide frame upright tubes onto base, connect console wire. 3. Attach 2. frame upright tubes to base with bolts provided. 4. Connect wire to console. 5. Attach console to frame upright tubes with bolts provided. It is relatively simple to put together, but we suggest you have someone assist since the carton is heavy, and so are a few of the main parts. If you have any other questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask! I appreciate your interest in our XTERRA products.

At 4 mph, for 15 minutes, that should be 1 mile. But the console shows only .8 mile. How accurate is the console?

Mine seems accurate. 60 minutes at 3 MPH gave me 3 miles.

What are the three levels of incline?

I measured it using an android level app at 1 degree, 1.5 degrees, and 2 degrees. I had been logging the 1-degree measure as no incline, so it’s good that this question inspired me to check.

How deep is the treadmill in folded position? hoping to have room in an empty regular closet if i want to put it away.

When folded the XTERRA Fitness TR150 is 29″ deep x 29″ wide x 61″ tall. We hope it fits! Thank you for your question.

How do i fix an E2 error?

You need to lubricate and align the belt. Follow the instructions in the manual, and that should work. Then reset the panel by holding enter for 30 seconds.

I need a more compact treadmill will this fit well in a small room?

Yes! This is a great treadmill. Love their customer service too.

Can this be used for sprinting?

I’m 5’4″, and I find it difficult to get a full-length running stride. Jogging is easier as the track seems to be a about a foot short for a full stride.

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